Five Benefits of the New Health Care Law

Today, you can take advantage of the five major benefits of the new health care law.

Preventive Care and Services

Before: Some health plans were allowed to beneficiaries for the costs of many preventive care services.

Now: All health plans except grandfathered plans are now required to provide different types of preventive care services without any cost to the member.  Some of the services include colonoscopies, mammograms, vaccinations and prenatal care.

Adults up to Age 26 can Stay on Their Parents Health Plan

Before: Health plans could exclude young adults from their parents health insurance when the individual reached a certain age or became a full-time student.

Now: Young adults can remain on their parent’s health plan until they turn 26.

Coverage for Children with Pre-Exisiting Conditions

Before: Health plans could limit or deny health coverage to children with pre-exisiting conditions, such as diabetes.

Now: The new healthcare law requires health plans to offer coverage to children regardless of whether their health issue was discovered or treated before getting the policy.

Elimination of Annual Limits on Benefits

Before: Health plans could establish a limit on annual or lifetime benefits, which means that people with chronic health problems could end up with limited or no benefits.

Now: Health plans can no longer put limits on the amount of care someone needs.

New Medicare Benefits

Before: Beneficiaries of Medicare drug plans that reached the gap in coverage called the “Donut Hole” receive a 50% discount on brand-name medications covered by their plan.

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