Trustmark/Starmark Self-Funding: Groups 2-99

Starmark Healthy Incentives, a self-funded plan designed for small business with 2 or more employees, could help you sace money while maintaining traditional health benefits for your employees.

With self-funding, you finance your company’s healthcare plan, funding claim expenses up to a predetermined amount.  If the actual expenses are less – you keep the savings; if expenses are greater, there is a limit on your financial risk through stop-loss insurance protection.

How Self-Funded Plans Works

  • A set amount is taken from the monthly premium and put into a special bank account and used the pay expected claims
  • Covered medical claims are paid from this bank account for you
  • If covered claims are MORE than the specific and/or aggregate deductible, stop-loss insurance covers the balance
  • If cover claims are LESS than what you funded, you keep the surplus!
Call  us today so we can evaluate and determine if your company is a candidate for this solution.
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