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Medicare FAQs

I'm turning 65 soon, how do I sign up for Medicare?

  • Online: Sign up at
  • Call: Social Security 1-800-772-1213
  • Visit: Your local Social Security Office 

Do I have to sign up for a Part D prescription drug plan if I do not currently take prescriptions?

No, but when you choose to enroll, you will have to pay a penalty of 1% of the base premium (2019 $33.19), unless you had credible coverage during that time.  Also, you may only enroll during the Annual Election Period for January 1st. 

What is the difference between a Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plan?

A Medicare Supplement plan does just what it says: supplement Medicare A and B coverage.  Supplements normally do not include drug coverage.  This is also called Medigap plan.  It allows you to see any provider who accepts Medicare.

A Medicare Advantage plan has lower premiums and normally includes drug coverage. However, you are limited to that insurance carrier's provider network and will have co-pays for services, much like a group HMO plan.

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