Got Voluntary Coverage?

There is NO COST to cover your valued employees! Be an advocate for your employees and protect their paycheck and families from any unforeseen occurrences and/or expenses. 

Voluntary Insurance

What does Voluntary Insurance pay for?

Voluntary Insurance helps pay expenses not covered by major medical insurance, as well as non-medical expenses, such as: 

  • Mortgage
  • Groceries 
  • Electric bills
  • Child Care

Benchmark is the ONLY resource you need

With over fifty years of experience, the experts at BENCHMARK PLANNING GROUP have learned that the best way to satisfy our clients is to put their needs first! Let Benchmark Planning be a resource to you and your team to educate & communicate all of your benefit options.  

Our Proven Strategy

  • BENCHMARK your current insurance plan to identify potential gaps in your medical plan.  
  • Conduct an RFP on your behalf (again..NO COST!) The Advantage to You: Carrier Agnostic
  • Access to guaranteed issued products with no minimal participation requirements.

We look forward to protecting your valued employees.

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